Meet The Owner

Hello My name is
Credessa Barnes


I am the owner of 
The Real Shirt Plug ™
I was born in Milwaukee WI, but I am currently located in Omaha Ne.
In 2019 just for fun I started making shirts for my family and I, as we needed them for my sons basketballs games to show our support. Not long after attending a hand full of event the word got out that the shirts that my family and I were wearing were actually handmade by me.
I had no intention of selling shirts for profit but request started to pour in! Due to the overwhelming amount of compliments and mounting requests I decided to offer my shirts for sale! The customers began to rave about the designs, the quality of the shirts I provided as well as the reasonable pricing so my customer base exploded! What was just a hobby starting out soon became a daily task. Not long after learning everything I could about vinyl, I was introduced to sublimation and fell in love. The possibilities offered with this new process opened my eyes to a whole new world. With this process the ink becomes apart of the item and it has no extra "feel" to it which makes it seamless and a game changer!  I was able to add a large amount of items to what I have available which includes Mugs, Socks, Masks, Tumblers, Backpacks & more. I became "the PLUG" shortly after this because I was able to provide the widest variety of items that the customers needed in a one stop shop, and in the rare chance that I couldn't provide what the customer needed, I definitely knew someone who could!
I will continue to perfect my craft, and I hope that you will continue this journey with me.
Thank You!
❤️Credessa Barnes / The Real Shirt Plug ❤️